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Founded by Brenda Eeds in 1990 as Pacific School of Music & the ARTS, now-named Pacific Conservatory offers visual, performing and language arts education classes, camps, and private lessons for children through adults.  
Since 1990, the founding principles on which the school was built:  

1) a strong integrated arts education as the foundation for building artistic excellence and 
2) a belief that artistic excellence leads to enjoyable and successful living! 
Young students who learn to love and appreciate music, art and drama, who are gently taught to develop discipline, focus and concentration form good lifetime habits that will serve them well whatever interests they pursue.  Those that continue their studies and learn to perform will have the added pleasure of developing solid self confidence, the joy of accomplishment and the delight of contributing to others with their performances.
Our faculty includes some of the finest musicians, artists, actors and language teachers in Orange County who not only are excellent performers, but experienced, well-seasoned instructors who love teaching.  All teachers are university trained and many hold advanced degrees from highly esteemed arts schools and conservatories.  Our teachers show a personal interest in their students and are committed to helping each child achieve their artistic best. 
Costa Mesa & Orange
Welcome to Pacific Conservatory!
Pacific School of Music & the ARTS provides an integrated arts education program of the highest quality for students of all ages and abilities in an atmosphere of respect and care for the holistic growth of the student and the staff.  We are committed to the development of creative expression and long-term promotion of the arts within the framework of the present and future needs of our communities. 

With its distinguished faculty Pacific Conservatory provides students with a rich and varied music and arts educational experience. The continuously evolving curriculum includes instrument and vocal classes, private lessons, musical theatre programs, language classes and workshops, school vacation time camps in Costa Mesa and in France, recitals, competitions, diploma program, early childhood music and adult programs.  We pride ourselves on the high standards we keep, while providing an arts education that is warm, and supportive yet disciplined. At Pacific Conservatory we offer a carefully balanced program that will stimulate every aspect of your student’s musical and artistic development to achieve his or her personal best.

The teaching philosophy of Pacific Conservatory is founded on the belief that excellent arts education comes not just from instilling strong theoretical and technical fundamentals in students, but also from fostering a true appreciation for the arts. Pacific Conservatory staff and faculty believe in the power of the arts -- musical and artistic expressions that build students’ self-esteem and self-discipline and cultivate their creative thinking skills. Our faculty takes special care to tailor lessons to each student’s individual needs and goals so they can develop as complete and versatile musicians, actors, linguists, artists, etc.  The Pacific Conservatory faculty has experience assisting students of all levels and ages. Their warm personalities, insightful approaches, and personally-focused teaching methods have produced astonishing results. Their students have received superior ratings in music festivals, auditions, and competitions and have been accepted as music majors in some of the best music colleges and conservatories in the USA. Pacific Conservatory’s teaching style creates a positive atmosphere for learning, progress, and fun. 

Our Costa Mesa facility is comprised of 5200 sq ft which provides 5 beautiful, spacious classrooms, 3 private lesson rooms and offices.  Our 400 sq ft stage with overhead lighting allows students a professional experience when they perform for guests in our 100 seat performing hall.  Private students study on grand pianos, and classroom students study on digital keyboards.  Costumes, art materials, musical instruments and modern equipment provide students all that is needed for successful arts training. 

Our Orange facility is comprised of 3 large classrooms and 2 private teaching rooms.  There is an excellent grand piano for private lessons and digital keyboards for classroom lessons.  Guitars, percussion instruments and all necessary equipment are available for students’ use.
…where students of all ages reach their maximum artistic potential 
in a friendly atmosphere guided by enthusiastic professionals.
1990 - 2016

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Our non-profit foundation has been established for the purpose of providing scholarships to needy and talented children and to provide arts programs in our surrounding communities. Your tax-deductible gift will make the difference in the life of a deserving student who would otherwise not have the means to study.  
To make your tax-deductible donation, please send us an email at PacificConservatory@gmail.com and we’ll send you all the information. Thank you.

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