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Elizabeth Mejia, Assistant Director
Ms Elizabeth Mejia was born in El Salvador into a family with musical talent going back several generations. Her education in Business Administration, with emphasis in Pre-Law gave her a vast knowledge and in 1995, she followed an administrative career as Executive Assistant to the Senior Partner of a prestigious law firm in West Los Angeles. Miss Elizabeth gives our parents and students excellence in customer service. She is detail-oriented, patient and knowledgeable about all aspects of Pacific Conservatory. She enjoys attending musical concerts and theater and is looking forward to enriching her family's next generation by teaching her own daughter the beauty of music and arts. We appreciate Ms. Elizabeth for keeping us organized and operating efficiently.

Alla Shklovski, Piano & Theory

Ms. Alla received her Ph.D. in Musicology from St Petersburg Conservatory in Russia.  In Kazakhstan, where she was born, Ms Alla taught piano classes and theory courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels. She designed course materials for theory courses and performed research in oriental music theory while serving as an associate professor at the Conservatoire in Kazakhstan. Ms. Alla moved to the US in 1993 and has been on the faculty of Pacific Conservatory since 2001. She is beloved by her students for her delightful personality and superb teaching skills. Ms Alla is an avid skier and enjoys interior design, literature and traveling.
"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning."- Plato 
...where students of all ages reach their maximum artistic potential 
in a friendly atmosphere guided by enthusiastic professionals.
~ Founded in 1990 ~
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Rosa Galvez Sotorrio, Piano, Voice, Chamber Music
Ms. Rosa received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at the Superior Conservatory of Music, Malaga and 
her Master's Degree in Music Education at the University of Malaga, Spain. She has extensive chamber music 
experience playing with trumpet, piano, violin, flute, clarinet and guitar players. She also has wide breadth of 
knowledge in musical analysis, counterpoint, harmony, occidental music history, accompaniment, contemporary 
notation and choir. Her repertoire and interest spans from baroque to contemporary. In addition to her music 
education, Ms Rosa received a second Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Malaga, 
earned the European ERASMUS Scholarship in Environmental Sciences and studied in Halmstad, Sweden. 
Ms Rosa moved to the US in 2013 and we welcomed her to Pacific Conservatory in the Spring semester of 2013.
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Kia Kani, Guitar
Mr Kia studied classical guitar and won several national competitions as a young student. Deciding to dedicate his life professionally to the classical guitar, he immigrated to Spain, a country with a rich classical guitar tradition. He studied with Ignacio Rodes, at the Oscar Espla Conservatory in Alicante. He completed his Master’s in Interpretation and Research in classical guitar. During these years he worked as a guitar teacher at several music schools, teaching dozens of students of different ages. During his stay in Spain, he participated in several courses and master classes by such masters as David Russell, Ricardo Gallen, Jose Miguel Moreno and Fernando Espi. Through these courses he became interested in ancient music and started researching the origins of the guitar: instruments such Vihuela, Renaissance Lute, Baroque Guitar. His research resulted in the publication of 60 articles for an internet website. Mr Kani spends much of his time teaching because it is something he always enjoyed. Mr Kia joined Pacific Conservatory faculty in 2015.
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Kim Le, Director, 
Piano, Percussion, Art, Voice & Musical Theater
Ms Kim received her first musical training from her father, composer Le Van Khoa, at the age of four. She won her first piano competition by age 6 has began working as a professional musician by age 16. She performs throughout the region as pianist, singer and percussionist. In high school choir, her director discovered that Kim had absolute pitch. It was there that she saw the impact that a teacher could have. She came to Pacific Conservatory in 2003, attracted to its unique curriculum and classroom format, and is a dedicated teacher who 
wholly dedicates herself to her students. In 2012, Miss Kim took a short break from PC to begin her family. She now returns with two sons in tow, a renewed enthusiasm for the arts, and a deeper understanding of children, 
her favorite people. She is excited to put down musical roots in her hometown of Orange, where she first developed a love for music and the arts.
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Nancy Tsai, Piano

Ms. Nancy graduated with a Master Degree in Piano Performance at the age of 21. She began playing piano at the age of 5 under her mother's instruction. She progressed quickly and achieved the teaching level certification at the age of 10 and throughout her childhood won many local and international competitions. Experience playing piano solo, ensembles and bands, and accompanying has shaped Ms. Nancy into being a mature and highly developed pianist. All the dedication in time and effort has encouraged Ms. Nancy to contribute her passion and knowledge of music to the next generation. Ms. Nancy loves interaction with children. She enjoys learning about them while teaching the piano. For 11 years, Ms. Nancy has been helping her students achieve their goals and enjoy the musical journey. We welcomed Ms Nancy to Pacific Conservatory in Fall 2015.
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Eric Salinas, Guitar, Accordion, Ukelele, Piano, Italian and Spanish
Mr. Eric is a high-energy teacher with in-depth knowledge of music theory and the Alexander Method. He has attended master classes and workshops for composition led by Lloyd Rodgers and Ken Walisky. 
A skilled guitarist and instructor, he provides students with practical tips and techniques to accelerate music reading and comprehension. He earned an AA in Music from Santa Ana College with an emphasis in Classical Guitar and Theory. He continued his studies at California State University Fullerton, where he completed his Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar Performance. He brings Pacific Conservatory over 10 years of teaching experience and a lifetime of performance credibility. Mr. Eric also has a passion for culture, languages and travel. He has an unmatched skillset and can teach the youngest of all learners to adults. Pacific Conservatory welcomed Mr. Eric Salinas in the Fall of 2016. 

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Crystal Clulee, Voice, Piano, Violin, Cello & Saxophone 

Crystal Clulee is ...a powerful, charismatic singer with an impressive range and compelling stage presence. A life-long musician, Crystal has studied piano, violin, cello and alto saxophone as well as voice. 
Crystal’s history includes a scholarship to the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston where she majored in music business and vocal performance, followed by private study with renowned vocal coach, Mark Baxter. Crystal is warm and engaging, a consummate professional and a highly entertaining front-person. Her performance highlights include singing lead and background vocals for the legendary Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone, fronting various sought-after cover bands from Boston to Los Angeles, and session recordings for independent contractors including commercials, karaoke tracks, and a children’s book/cd series. Pacific Conservatory welcomes Ms. Crystal in the Fall 2016

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